Some Vanilla weather

So I went through the process of creating a weather application. My aim was to use vanilla js and just have some fun.

It uses the browser’s geolocation API to get the user’s location and makes a request to the openweather API to get the local weather.

You can check out the full screen version over here – Vanilla Weather

A javascript beatmaker

A while back I decided to put together a little project and build a beatmaker.

I started out by laying out all the HTML elements and add some basic styling. Each row is associated with a sound and has buttons which can be switched on and off to create a beat.

The javascript uses requestAnimationFrame to move the indicator and play the sounds. This was a fun little side project.

To use it, click on the buttons, create a sequence, hit the play button and listen to your creation.

See the Pen XpjLZM by Fred (@fried) on CodePen.

Dusting off the cobwebs

Sometimes I get the urge to change the world. To do something brilliant and make my dent on this small floating planet we call earth. It doesn’t always work out that way. Life happens and my plans to change the world move to the bottom of my to do list.

Today I try again. I’m dusting off the cobwebs of my blog, removing all the spam comments from the past year and half and I’m going to try my hand at writing useful posts again. Hopefully this time around I can do a better job at it.



Playing with time is always fun. I decided to create a simple clock with a minimal feel.

There’s quite a bit I could still do the example, tweening the clock “hands” back to the original positions, for example. This was a fun little experiment. Check it out. TIME.